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January 27, 2008

Church Hunt 2008

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This year we will be traveling to Ardeche, the wild rocky region just west of the Rhone river and north of Gard.  We have traveled there twice before because a very wonderful friend of ours has invited us to her lovely village.  This year, I will focus on reviewing churches in Ardeche that we have seen and ones that we hope to see in the future.

The Ardeche countryside is startling in its combination of ruggedness and beauty.  There is many variations in the terrain from north to south, but we have mostly explored the center region.

The photo below was from a golden afternoon when we thought we saw a large soaring bird so we stopped the car and wandered in a field that overlooked this valley.  The sun and clouds created a pattern of shifting light and dark that was magical, but we never did see our bird again.

Ardeche Valley

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