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May 25, 2007

RANDONNEES autour de Clansayes (Walk Around Clansayes)

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I found this description of a walk from Clansayes that takes all the glories of clan_steanne.jpgthis ancient place.

From the Randoguide of the Drome.
The circuits are marked by yellow and white triangles with the number of the circuit on the inside.. (Maps are available and free at the Mairie.)

Toronne La Templière :

On the traces of the Romans, Ligurians and Chevaliers Templar, plunging from the village of Clansayes toward the Valley of the Rhone and the Monts du Vivarais. 5.5 km Time: 1h:30 Easy
Departs: Parking in the North of the Village (near the cemetery)

clan_templarchapel.jpgHere’s the path which I attempted to translate, but it was becoming even murkier than in a foreign language. The Google translation is at the bottom. I think you would be better off following the markers!

Descendre D571, 10mn après, dans courbe : prendre sentier en face. Aux trois intersections : tout droit. Aux 2 Y suivants, prendre chemins de gauche (entre eux: accès Notre Dame Toronne* – libre choix de monter jusqu’à la chapelle puis de revenir). Contourner vignes et atteindre crête, croisement 100 m après : prendre à gauche chemin caillouteux qui suis crête à distance pendant 30 mn. Puis route pendant 10 mn. Après truffiers, chemin à gauche, 5 mn de descente. Au T : à droite vers route. A 30 m à gauche, chemin puis sentier à droite dans chênes verts vous ramène au cimetière et parking.

* chemin de croix dans la montée. Au sommet : chapelle romane de Toronne et panorama (30 mn)
• Sur le parcours : Eglise XIIe et vieux village. Vestiges de voies romaines (au Nord du Parking). Chapelle de Toronne.clan_salle.jpg

To descend D571, 10mn after, in curve: to take path opposite. With the three intersections: straight. To 2 Y following, to take ways of left (between them: access Notre Dame Toronne* – free choice to go up to the vault then to return). To circumvent vines and reach peak, crossing 100 m afterwards: to take stony way on the left which am remote peak during 30 mn. Then road during 10 mn. After truffle, way on the left, 5 mn of descent. With T: on the right towards road. To 30 m on the left, way then path on the right in holm oaks brings back for you to the cemetery and carpark. * way of cross in the rise. At the top: Romance vault of Strands and panorama (30 mn) • On the course: XIIe church and old village. Vestiges of Roman ways (in the North of the Carpark). Vault of Strands.

May 18, 2007

Roman Mosaic Alert!

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Across the way from the Romanesque Cathedral in St Paul Trois Chateaux is the Musee Archeologique de Tricastin. Besides the usual array of local “finds” the museum also houses pieces of a Roman mosaic floor.

And we brake for mosaics!!


Roman bird

There’s other items of interest as well!


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