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February 22, 2008

Our magical day at Garde Adhémar

Church Report

Last year I wrote a “Church Preview” on this beautiful church in Drome Provencale, but all the research in the world could not prepare one for the beauty of this church, perched overlooking the Rhone and on every side, exquisitely manicured gardens on terraces on many levels.

We arrived at the church and there were people starting to assemble, we discovered shortly later that there was to be a funeral at the church. We have stumbled into baptisms, weddings and now a funeral during our Romanesque travels — all these events serve to highlight the relationship of these edifices to their villages. How many generations have had their most significant events in these thousand-year-old sentinels?

Here is a photo of the interior of the church right before the service.

Garde Adhemar

And then when you step out of the church…
Garde Adhemar entrance

Vistas in every direction and carefully labeled plantings.

Garde Adhemar botanical garden

We spent quite a while discovering all the nooks and crannies at this beautiful garden. We were happy to give our compliments to one of the gardeners who was working there.

Garde Adhemar botanical garden

And in one direction is a view of the Tricastin nuclear plant. To American eyes, these power plants are startling but the idea of nuclear power is business as usual and of no special negative import in France. In this stretch of the Rhone between Avignon and Lyon are three major nuclear power plants. As one drives between Avignon and Lyon, you can tic them off one by one.  Even more surprising than Tricastin is the plant at Cruas, about 35 miles north.  It is situated directly on the banks of the Rhone and one of the major traffic arteries passes so close that you could almost toss a pebble and hit it.

Nuclear plant in the Rhone Valley - Tricastin



April 9, 2007

St Restitut

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St Restitut is about 2 miles from our rental house and will probably be the all-important “bread stop” and walking destination. There are two churches there, one Romanesque and the other is a funny little mushroom of a Gothic chapel that will be profiled later.

Here’s the pertinent info on the Eglise de St Restitut:
The church of Saint Restitut, the saint which gives his name to the village of Saint Restitut, is located 4 kilometers from Saint Paul Trois Chateaux in the southern part of Drome. This church is comprised of two parts, to the west, above of the tomb of the “tour funeraire” of St Restitut, 11th century and to the East, the church proper from the 12th century. The plan of the church is rectangular with one nave. The porch is ancient, surmounted by a great arc inspired by Roman steles.

Interior of St Restitut
Before entering, note the capitals portraying old men, one laughing, the other serious.


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