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August 15, 2008

2008 – A Year for Friends

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The Cafe du Centre

Our 2008 sojourn in France was a warm and wonderful time. More than any of our previous trips we spent fantastic hours with our friends in Paris and Ardeche. Needless to say, we also had fabulous food for everyone in France has their favorite haunt, treasured restaurant and neighborhood cafe.

A big thanks to all who made this such a memorable year: Becky’s old friend Ken, a sophisticated and very genial artist making his living in Paris with high level design as well as his own intelligent art; our treasured friends Martine and Danielle who have shown us so much about French life and who are generous and beautiful humanitarians; St Andeol neighbor Isabel and her lovely daughter Lea and siblings, a fascinating family with Peruvian roots; and Jean, our new friend who shares our passion for ancient things and really brought the past alive for us

I’m at this minute drinking a toast to you all your health and happiness and to many more adventures and good times in your company. Salut!
Jim, Martine & Danielle

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