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February 8, 2008

Where to go for your own church hunt

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Church windows at Ardeche cathedralThe answer is you can go almost anywhere in France.  The number of churches there is staggering.  We have generally traveled in June when there is more than a hint of the warm weather and bounty of the countryside, so we have often chosen locations in the south.

In Provence, we love the Vaucluse which is the most northwest of all the areas in Provence.  Prices get more and more reasonable the farther you are from the Cote d’Azur which can get overpopulated and traffic-crazy in the prime months of July and August.

We have often gone to southwest France where there are magnificent churches to be discovered, not to mention the cathedrals and cloisters of Moissac and St. Sernin in Toulouse.  In the southwest we have liked every place we have visited and that includes areas just outside of Carccassone, the Minervois and farther north in the beautful Dordogne region.

Our latest destinations have been in Drome Provencale (actually just a stone’s throw from the Vaucluse) and the Ardeche, the rugged area just west of the Rhone and directly accross from the Drome.

We have also seen some stunning places enroute, most notably the cathedral at Conques and also a very satisfying trip through Burgundy.  At some point I plan on documenting these trips, but so many churches and too little time!

A map is in progress as well as a list of some of the world heritage Romanesque sites (even though we adore the tiny country churches just as much!)

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