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February 2, 2008

Mystery double church of Ardeche

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This beautiful church below is accompanied by a small chapel less than 50 yards away. I took this photo 2 years ago and it’s a mystery only because I have not remembered the name of this dynamic duo of Romanesque landmarks.

Double church

What I do remember–the day was sunny, but cool. The type of day when the sun goes under the clouds a chill seems to descend, but as the cloud passes, the warmth returns. This remarkable assemblage had a churchyard with a shimmering layer of soft wheat-like grass. No longer used as a cemetery, there were ancient gravestones build into the retaining wall that faced out toward a marvelous valley view. The whole effect was magical.

More tomorrow–I’m sure with a little research I can identify this lovely church and its companion. And I have a few more photos as well that I will post.

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