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January 11, 2008

Configurations for house-hunting

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When looking to rent your French country house, there are many different configurations of  fellow travelers.  Our group is two couples and one single person and therefore we look for a minimum of 3 bedrooms.

But some years, we have had up to eight people needing five bedrooms.  One great side effect of our yearly trip to France is that each time different family and friends accompany us.  It makes each trip very memorable.

So the first thing you need to do is figure out what your configuration is.  During my perambulations on this blog, I will stick with a group looking for a 3-bedroom or larger.

In evaluating prices for a house, we divide per person, not per room.  Our thinking is that everyone shares in the kitchen, the pool, the grounds and it’s less important whether there is one or two persons in the room.  That being said, the couples might get the bigger room and the single might get the smaller one.

The next important consideration is when you are planning to travel to France.  July and August are high season and prices will double.  My advice is to consider any months except July and August.  It’s very crowded all over in those months and in the South, it can be a little too hot.

Ideal times to go are May/June and September/October.

So now we have the initial criteria for our search.

• Group size (for examples, we will use our group size — around 5 looking for a 3-bedroom.

• Time of year to travel (we will focus on May-June for our examples here.)

Having flexibility when looking is a good thing.  And starting in January is not too early.  It’s possible to find a great house later in the year, but you might have to go through quite a few before you find availability.

Next up: Where to go in France?

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