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January 6, 2008

Cheerleading for Country Living

Filed under: Renting Your French Country House — Karen @ 5:11 pm

If you are browsing through the entries in the blog and have thought about a French country vacation, this is a cheerleading session for you. While sounding exotic and complicated, this mode of travel is indescribably satisfying and not difficult to arrange.

Staying in the countryside in France can be very economical and yet you will experience all the wonderfulness that is France much more intensely than a weekend in Paris. Here are some common objections….

• Country houses and villas are for millionaires, not me.

Comment: Renting a country house, per person, can be the cheapest vacation that you have ever taken, not to mention the money saved by dining on your terrace in front of your pool on fabulous fresh produce and meat.

• I’m quite attracted to things French, but I know that the French do not like Americans in particular and that discourages me. Plus, I don’t speak French!

Comment: It has been my experience that the French people are very clear about separating politics from people. The fact that they are not enamored of George Bush does not enter into their dealings with American tourists. Also, there are some cross-cultural snafus that you can learn to avoid that will keep you and your French friends smiling. More on that later.

• The dollar is so horrible–everything will be so expensive!

Comment: While things do cost more because of the current unfavorable exchange rate, things can and will change. With your French country house rental, you will know exactly what you are spending.

In my next blog, I will outline a way of estimating costs and we can begin the hunt for a fabulous country house for this year.


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