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May 27, 2007


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Church PreviewThis is a very curious little town. There’s not much out there on this town, but there is a homegrown site by the grandson of Eugene Martin, a famous Provencal writer.  The town has an old town, partially in ruins, on the top of the hill and the newer village is below.

Besides a romaneque church with a prominent bell tower, the writer also talks about two chapels that seem to be on the roads to-and-from the town. But the curious part is that I can’t really find very much information. But here’s what I’ve found — the chapels are very choice!

The church at the top of the village among the ruins:


And here’s an antique postcard of the ruins. I love finding these old cards because they are so evocative and also interesting to compare to the current condition. I think that we sometimes forget that not all of these structures were maintained since the 11th century! Many were ravaged in the the French revolution.


Notre-Dame de Pitié or Notre Dame de Barquets (below)
This vault dedicated to Notre-Dame de Pitié, or of the seven pains, named formerly Notre-Dame of Baïsses, i.e. Our-lady of in bottom. It would have been built in X1e century. In 1710 it was restored and equipped with a bell-tower. It is located on the antique sees Roman: St Paul-3-Castles-Grignan. It would seem that this hamlet is populated since the Gallo-Roman time. Later it was named “Barquets” name of an inhabitant of the district. <>La chapelle Saint-Claude (below)
Located on an old Roman way connecting Orange РGrignan, road much used in the Middle Ages, skirting the river of Lez, a hotel trade was built there with the use of the carriers. However, the history reveals us, that a muleteer was assassinated there. The landlord gave up his residence; The muleteers to entreat misfortune and to preserve the memory of their fellow-member, built in this place a small oratory. This small vault (IX̩me century) was dedicated to St Claude which is their guard and their Saint. Very dilapidated, in 1940 it was skilfully restored.

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