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May 23, 2007

La Garde-Adh̩mar РPart 2

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Two kilometers outside of town ( on the D572 A) east of St-Michel chapel, on the are the ruins of the 12th-century Chapelle de Val-des-Nymphes. In Gallo-Roman days this spot was probably a pagan shrine, as the name implies.


The roof and arches of the single-aisled Romanesque chapel are gone, but it still retains its character.

The west front is remarkable; above simple wall surfaces – the val1.jpgarch of the doorway has keystones from a Roman building – the tympanum has three niches, separated by fluted pilasters with imitation Classical capitals. The arches which support the corner pilasters are later additions. Of interest is the articulation of the choir apse by blind arcades on two levels.At some point in the history of this ancient place, the populace lived in this valley but fled to the protection of the fortified village.

I’ve just discovered the most marvelous photo archive, The Merimee Patrimonial Archive of the Ministry of Culture. These photos are from that archive. I can hardly wait to see what else is available there.

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