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May 21, 2007

Truffle Headquarters

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I went looking for a truffle picture and the first one that came up was this sample from a truffle store in our neighborhood, St Paul Trois Chateaux. Drome Provencale is one of the main truffle- producing areas in France, along with the Perigord.

It’s nice to think of tripping over one of these $500 a pound nuggets, but the truffle season is from November to March. Right now, these types of mushrooms are just beginning to form under their truffle oaks (common in the woods around our rental house.) The truffle grows beneath the soil and it’s only by scent that they can be found.


Although it has been tried to standardize the cultivation of truffles, they resist standardization. Most of the harvest is still done by a lone truffle-hunter with his dog or pig. Pigs have a natural love of truffles and a keen-scented hound can be taught to find the truffle for rewards and his master’s approval. Taking out your trusty pig means watching him carefully so he does’t gobble the truffle once he has found it.

At left is St Antoine and his truffle pig.

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