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May 16, 2007

La Pègue

This little town seems to have two Romanesque structures, a chapel and a church. There’s also an archeological museum.

Local archeological museums can be very interesting places to visit. Besides the ‘finds’ from the area, they often contain town folkloric articles, history of the village items, science projects and stuffed animals and who knows what else. Fascinating!

Church at La Pegue

From “Pays de Grignan” website:

Situated at the foot of the mountain La Lance. Le Pègue has a rich History dating back 6000 years. Important meeting place for Celts and Greeks. Its museum houses an important archeological collection which includes some rare “pseudonian” ceramics found during local excavation. The visit of the village will lead you to the chapel Ste Anne built in the 12th century, and to the Romanesque church remodeled in the 18th century which shelters thirteen polychrome statues.


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