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April 12, 2007


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Church Preview

Coming soon! Stay tuned for this medieval perched village that has some very interesting features–details to come this weekend:

  • Templar tower!
  • Pilgrimage spot!
  • 11th century church!
  • 13th century Templar chapel!
  • Roman roads
  • and more–

This town is about 5 miles from our rental house.
Clansayes, view of church

April 9, 2007

St Restitut

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St Restitut is about 2 miles from our rental house and will probably be the all-important “bread stop” and walking destination. There are two churches there, one Romanesque and the other is a funny little mushroom of a Gothic chapel that will be profiled later.

Here’s the pertinent info on the Eglise de St Restitut:
The church of Saint Restitut, the saint which gives his name to the village of Saint Restitut, is located 4 kilometers from Saint Paul Trois Chateaux in the southern part of Drome. This church is comprised of two parts, to the west, above of the tomb of the “tour funeraire” of St Restitut, 11th century and to the East, the church proper from the 12th century. The plan of the church is rectangular with one nave. The porch is ancient, surmounted by a great arc inspired by Roman steles.

Interior of St Restitut
Before entering, note the capitals portraying old men, one laughing, the other serious.


April 8, 2007

The hunt is on!

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This year (2007), the 11th one for our group traveling to France, we will be spending a week in Drome Provencale, just north of Mont Ventoux and the Vaucluse. From our enchanting house rental, the Grange du Kaolin, we will venture out to seek out the nearby Romanesque gems. After a week at this location, we will travel north and across the Rhone to visit our good friend Martine who lives in a beautiful village called St Andeol de Berg in Ardeche. We saw many wonderful churches there and had great food and wine as we sat under the fig tree in front of Martine’s house. I hope to document some of the churches we have seen in the Ardeche when I return.

For the next two months, this blog will serve as a “notebook” for the churches we will be seeing. I’m planning on doing Internet research to round up all the information I can on each individual church. We love the well-known churches that are well documented, but we also love the tiny little churches, tucked away in humble villages or marooned in the middle of a forest or field. Or even the excitement at spotting a vault that has been turned into an agricultural storage shed or part of a dwelling, but its origins apparent from the unmistakable vault shape.

But before moving on to the churches, we will enjoy the anticipation of our stay in this lovely place– this is the quote from the rental ad.

“At the domaine of Saint Paulet in Drome Provencale, the Grange du Kaolin is set in the heart of a privileged site and in the middle of 14 hectares of vines, lavender, olive trees and truffle oaks. Surrounded by wild and perfumed hills, the Grange du Kaolin will welcome you to a priceless tranquility. “

Grange du Kaolin - Exterior

Grange du Kaolin - pool view

April 7, 2007

Map of the Tricastin Romanesque Churches

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Church Preview

The churches in our immediate area close to our house are below. Click the map icon to see them on a Google map. For the St Restitut churches and St Paul Cathedrale, double clicking to center the map on the marker and then using the controls in satellite view to zoom in will enable you to see the actual aerial view of the hotel. Unfortunately, the Garde d’Adhemar satellite picture is too poor to find the actual building.

Map of Churches

Here are the towns with their chapels.

  • La Garde Adhemar
    Chapelle du Val des Nymphes
  • Saint Restitut
    Eglise de Saint Restitut
    Chapelle du St Sepulcre
  • St-Paul Trois Chateaux
    Cathedrale Saint Paul


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This blog is devoted to the search for Romanesque churches, primarily in France. It’s hard to explain why these thousand-year-old buildings are so compelling, but even the fact that they have stood guard over the countryside for so many years, while all around the daily life has continued is a source of wonder.

A small group of friends and I go every year to relax in the countryside in France–drinking wine, eating good food, swimming, visiting markets, following our individual artistic pursuits. But our tourist spots (once we have seen the Pont du Gards, the chateaux, the ‘must-sees’ for visitors) are always the local Romanesque churches.

In this blog, I will share research, past, present and future adventures, photos, art and all bits of info emanating from this topic.  Welcome to our adventures!


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